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Message From the Principal


The predecessors of our school were Meirin-do, a clan school established in the Edo Period by Tokugawa Munechika, the feudal lord of the Owari Domain, and Aichi Prefectural First Senior High School for Girls, which took the lead in the education for girls in Aichi Prefecture. We have a rich tradition and the long history of over 230 years from the foundation of Meirin-do (1783, the 3rd year of the Tenmei era), and over 110 years from that of Aichi Prefectural First Senior High School for Girls (1903, the 36th year of the Meiji era).

Many of the graduates of our school, including Dr. Kobayashi Makoto, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics, have been playing an active role in various fields both domestically and abroad, cherishing the respect for learning and keeping in mind how they should be as a human being.

To date, our school’s mission to develop esteem, sincerity, and devotion in students under our school’s motto of “self-discipline,” while having them be talented both in academics and sports, has been passed on for decades, and our students, through various experiences of studies, club activities, and school events, are laying their foundation of scholastic ability and personality development.

Our school has been designated as SSH (Super Science High School) by the Ministry of Education since 2011 and has made progress in improving our educational activities. SSH programs at our school are aimed mainly at giving students opportunities to learn “the methodology of science” and to acquire “integrity of character,” thus enabling them to play an active part in the global society. Our mission is to educate our students not only to be leaders in the field of science and technology, but to have inquiring and creative mind so that they will be professionals in any field.

In addition, our school, in collaboration with laboratories and universities, carries out programs in which our students can learn about sophisticated research and cutting-edge technology. And our school, aiming at developing people who can play a key role in a creative nation based on scientific technology, is fostering power to create new things and igniting high spirits in our students.

I am sure that our students who have studied in such school will continue to improve themselves even after their graduation and will lead the future of Japan and the world.